BCA Semester – 1 Papers I Top Universities

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BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It’s a three-year undergraduate degree course focused on computer applications and software development. During the program, students learn various programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python. They also gain practical knowledge in web development, software engineering, database management, and computer networks.

The BCA course is designed to provide a strong foundation in computer science and equip students with the skills needed for careers in software development, web development, database administration, and more. It’s a popular choice for those interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry.


Semester 1 ( Mid Term – I Papers )

In BCA Different University have their different paper format which includes mid term theory and practical exams and includes End Semester theory and Practical exam . Basically in most university Mid Term theory exam in conducted of 20 Marks and End Semester main exam are of 60 Marks.


1. English



2. Fundamental of Computer and PC Tools



3. ‘C’ Programming Fundamentals



4. Digital Electronics



5. Elementary Mathematics



6. General Elective ( Mobile App Development )



Semester 1 ( End Term Papers )

1.General Elective ( Mobile App Designing )



2. Elementary Mathematics 


3. English 



4. Digital Electronics 

5. Fundamental Of Computer And PC Tools

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