BCA Semester 2 Question Papers from Top University

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       BCA Semester 2 Papers


Sem 2 Mid Term Paper :-

As a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) student, your second-semester papers typically cover fundamental topics related to computer science and programming. The specific subjects and their respective descriptions may vary from one university to another, but some common topics you can expect to study in BCA semester 2 include :

1. Human Values and Professional Ethics 



2. Discrete Mathematics



3. Database Management System ( DBMS )



3. HTML Programming


4. Environmental Science


5. General Elective ( Videography )


Sem 2 End Term Exam Papers



1. HTML Programming


2. Database Management System ( DBMS )


3. Discrete  Mathematics


4. Analysis Of Algorithm and Data Structures


5. Human Values and Professional Ehics


6. Environmental Science


7. General Elective ( Videography )



HTML Lab Manual For BCA

Data Structure and Algorithms ( DSA ) Lab Experiments

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